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Marshall + Kayla | Idaho Falls Wedding

I know this post is coming in late tonight, but I have been traveling and getting ready for our Mexico trip!! We are part of the way to Arizona and tomorrow night we will be in Arizona! Bring on that sunshine and heat. Sorry for the delay of the post, but it’s worth it!!

Kayla contacted me last year for her wedding and I can’t believe that it has already come and gone. It was such a beautiful day and I’m grateful to have spent their big day with them. I have known these two since high school. They roamed the halls as seniors when I was a sophomore and they have been together ever since. It has been 7 years that they have been together and I am sure that everyone has waited for the day when they would officially become Mr. and Mrs. Cox. Their wedding day was SO fun. We danced, laughed, and I cried. It happens every father daughter dance. And it was an amazing day!
We started off with Kayla and some of her bridesmaids getting ready. It was a party with hair being curled, nails being painted and brownies being made that tempted everyone all day. Kayla has some awesome friends that were there to help her get ready and to help set up the up the ceremony venue.

When we got to the ceremony location, Kayla had requested to do a first look with her brother and dad each separately. Their reactions were priceless and her time with each of them was SO special. As Kayla walked down the aisle, I had Logan focus on Marshall and the way he lit up was perfect. The way his eyes lit up with love and excitement to see her was one of my favorite parts of the day. The ceremony was full of laughter as one of their best friends officiated and married them. The rest of their day was perfect. And I’m SO SO glad we got to share in it with them. Thank you so much for letting us take part! We loved our time with you!!

And if you haven’t seen Kayla’s bridal session, you need to check it out! You can find them here.

 Love this image!
 Best reaction ever
 Doesn’t the way he is looking at her just make your heart melt?
 So excited!
 Such a good photo bomb by Marshall
Love this!
 SO much love!

 Can’t you picture these two on a porch swing when they are old and grey just laughing with each other?
 All of the charms were for people who had passed away and Kayla wanted to have them be part of her day. It was such a sweet thing to include on her bouquet
 A rattlesnake even made an appearance for their big day!
 There were so many tender moments during the father daughter dance!
 LOVE this. Kayla’s dad stood right by the dance floor watching as she danced with Marshall for their first dance together
 Watch Kayla’s brother!
 2nd attempt
Coming soon!

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