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Devan + Natalie

What better time to show off Devan and Natalie’s Rexburg temple summer wedding than while they are honeymooning! Side note, when I asked Devan about the honeymoon, he told me how much Natalie just loves to swim and be in the water so he thought this would be a good place to go! He really is so thoughtful for her! AH! I love that! As these two walked out of the temple, instead of turning and immediately kissing, they did something that was much more “them.” They had a little high five routine all figured out and went straight into that before giving their friends and family a good big kiss!!!

If you’ve never been to Rexburg, just plan for it to be windy! More often than not, especially at the temple, that wind is going all the time!! Devan and Natalie could have cared less though. They were all smiles all day to everyone! We have a little piece of advice that we always give to our brides and grooms as they leave the temple, to get out your phone and talk about everything your sealer said to you as advice and thoughts you each had. If you wait, it goes away and you’ll forget it! We know because that happened to us! We have a few things that we can remember but not a lot. As they pulled out of the temple parking lot, they rolled down their windows and let me know they were already doing that.

It is so special to remember the advice your sealer gives you, but when your sealer is your very own Grandpa Jack, it’s even more so!! Grandpa Jack is one of Natalie’s grandpa’s and he left such a last impression on me! He’s 90 years old and he lost his wife about 7 years ago. They were just 3 months shy of celebrating their 61 years of marriage together and the way he lit up when he would talk about her was to make anyone’s heart melt. When we talked about advice for marriage, Jack’s daughter chimed in and said that when he lost his wife, he said that he wished he’d just spent more time with her. He told me about the way she served him and supported him and how they were in a bowling league together! Natalie’s other grandparents told me that you need to realize you are a selfish person and strive to put that side of yourself away and put them first. I’ve thought about that every day since last Friday and my eyes have been opened to the ways that I’m selfish and need to put Logan first. Devan and Natalie have some incredible examples to look to for inspiration on loving each other and being a good spouse! I ask for marriage advice from the grandparents at every wedding! We’ve heard some pretty awesome advice that has changed our own marriage!

I know that Devan and Natalie were both so excited to be sealed in the Rexburg temple and to have the wedding all done with because they were so ready to be together after being high school sweethearts and writing through his mission and so I’m so happy to celebrate with them and let them relive this summer wedding all over again!

To see their formal session, click here!


Let me introduce you to Grandpa Jack! Truly one of the most joyful people I’ve ever met!! Hoping to live my life a little more like Grandpa Jack!

Is this not the cutest little nephew ever!! I couldn’t handle how cute little Jackson was on their wedding day!

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  1. Brittney Berry says:

    These are awesome! Thank you for all your hard work on this very special day. We appreciate how personable and amazing you are. Great job!

    • michelleloganphotography says:

      Thank you so much Brittney!! That means so much to me! It was great to be a part of their day and to meet your family! 🙂

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