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Asher + Grace

Happy wedding weekend to these two!!! We are so happy to be celebrating them this weekend!! I want to celebrate in my way with them by sharing their sunset first look session with you!! And let’s just say it was incredibly hard to narrow down which images to add because I loved every single image from their session!! And in case you never saw their engagement session, go back and check that out here.

While Grace changed into her dress, I started with photos of just Asher and talking with him about how excited he was to see her. I then asked if he had any ideas on what it would look like and I laughed when his response was that, “Well, she likes to wear things that are ‘different’ but I know she’ll be beautiful!!” He then went on to tell me all these random things she would wear and Asher and I bonded over the fact that sometimes Logan likes things that are out there… like his shorts with tigers on them… hahahaha!!! But Asher and I still love our spouses for those things because that’s what makes them who they are 🙂

When Asher then saw Grace, his reaction was perfect. She was just radiating so much joy and she was beautiful! One of my favorite things after a first look session is being able to cull through and select images to deliver and as I culled through these ones, I couldn’t help but notice how Asher looks at Grace during those first look images. His eyes just filled with so much adoration!! You’ll see what I’m talking about in just a couple of images!

Grace’s little sister and mom were able to be a part of their session too and it was hilarious! Lydia was off catching grasshoppers and calling for Asher to join her in chasing them down. Instead of joining in on the grasshopper chase, we were chasing the prettiest sunset lighting and he was holding onto Grace all night long! Pay special attention to that bouquet of Grace’s! Her Grammy made it and she’s going to be able to use it in their home afterward! How perfect is that?!

Ah!! Do you see all of that love in his eyes?! It makes my heart melt!

Completely obsessed with this one!!


I may not love bugs, but they sure make a pretty background in the air 🙂

AH! Grace! You are beautiful!

How perfect is this one?! SO MUCH ROMANCE and add in that glowy light!

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