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Asher + Grace

From the moment we got into our car and drove away from this reception, Logan and I have been so excited to share this wedding on the blog! We loved everything about it from the wedding ceremony in the morning at Still Water Hollow to the empty Meridian temple grounds in the afternoon to the dance party that DJ Waffles (best DJ name out there) took control and had people doing flips, literally!!

When we were driving up to Still Water Hollow in the morning, Logan and I were so excited to see the Brasher family again because just 4 weeks ago, we were with them again photographing Brandon and Abi’s wedding! We had good relationships with them and the little sisters remembered we had suckers at the last wedding and that Logan was wearing the same grey pants! Ha!

Grace and Asher’s entire wedding day was so special, but we had some favorite memories of the day. In the morning as we walked with them to the chapel for their ceremony, they stood holding hands about to go in and Grace said, “I’m more nervous than giving a talk in sacrament meeting!” We all laughed and then they walked in together, hand in hand to be married by her grandpa! Grandpa made everyone laugh and had such great advice for them and everyone about marriage.

When it came time for their luncheon, I ended up in tears and laughing because of how sweet it was. From the jokes that Asher’s brother told, to Abi letting everyone know she won the wedding race, to Grace’s dad calling her Gracie bug, and then Asher’s dad creating a POWERPOINT for his little speech. The luncheon also included a song from Grace’s grandparents and Logan and I haven’t been able to stop singing it all week!

Their excitement as they walked out of the Meridian temple, sealed together for time and all eternity, was spread across their faces and you could just feel how happy they were. Heading into the reception, we started off with bridal party photos and when Asher’s groomsmen threw him in the air the first time, it was a good throw, but they said they could do it higher and so a second throw happened! And it was HIGH!! See both attempts below!

It was such a long day for these two, but that didn’t stop them from having such a sweet first dance, where they held onto each other and Asher sang along to her and kept her laughing. Logan and I love first dances like that! Then the dance party started and it was non stop fun!!


Venue | Still Water Hollow & Meridian Temple

Florist | Bride’s Grammy

Bride’s dress | Margene’s

The sweetest grandpa around!

Attempt #1

Attempt #2


This group really nailed the photobooth pose!

We’re always a big fan of food trucks at receptions and this one was a big hit!!

Their reception even had an appearance from SPIDERMAN!

My favorite part of the whole dance party was Asher’s faces! Haha!

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  1. O’ma says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful few days celebrating two amazing young people. They certainly will change the world in the years to come!!

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