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Tristan + Kirsten

I will always remember the anticipation and excitement that Tristan and Kirsten had leading up to their first look and then that perfect reaction that was filled with so much romance and love. First, we got Tristan set up in the spot we wanted him at and we asked how he was feeling- he was so nervous!! He was about to see his bride! As I walked up with Kirsten to Tristan’s back before the first look, she had told me how nervous she was, butterflies and all. She couldn’t wait to see him! Tristan had even traded in the cowboy boots for this! When Tristan turned around to see Kirsten, my heart might have melted into a literal puddle on the ground. Tristan could not believe how stunning Kirsten was and the best part about his reaction is that he felt that way and looked at her that way ALL night long!! He couldn’t stop himself from explaining how beautiful she was and how lucky he felt!!

Tristan and Kirsten make one stunning couple and I’m so excited to show them off on the blog, but there’s one thing you need to do first. If you haven’t, I really want you to go back and get to know more about Tristan and Kirsten from their engagement session at Swan Valley. So just click on the link and I’ll be here waiting for you!

The Idaho Falls temple grounds were in full summer bloom and it was the perfect night- other than the fact that they were caulking the sidewalks around the temple. They gave us permission to still shoot there and I’m so glad they did! The temple grounds were empty, leaving us the chance to photograph with all of the flowers and golden light that we could have ever wanted.

One of the things that we loved the most during our time with these two was the way Tristan just couldn’t help but compliment her and tell her how beautiful she was the whole night.

Bride’s dress: Elizabeth Cooper Design

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