Jai Terry | 7 Months

Every time I share a monthly post about Jai, I can’t believe that I’m already typing up the next one because time just seems to go SOOO fast!! This last month literally felt like a blink of the eye and it was gone. It was a whirlwind with the holidays and so much family coming to town, but we loved it all!! Jai hit 7 months this past Sunday and we had a weight check to make sure he was gaining weight and he is!!! He gained 17 ounces this past month putting him at 16 pounds and 3.5ozs!! Hallelujah!! That made me feel so much better. So that’s how that’s all going, in case you were curious after that last post about him!! Find it here.

Here’s a little recap on how the last month went for baby Jai- we experienced our first cold right after turning 6 months and we turned 7 months with his second cold but it is ALMOST gone! He isn’t sneezing snot every other minute!! His first cold did make it so he blew some snot bubbles that were SOO funny though. You have to head to my personal Instagram to see that!! Follow that one here- @micpetey. Jai LOVES food!!! He eats 3 meals, usually right before we eat, but when he sits close enough to see us eating, you better let him try whatever you are eating. He tried bananas for the first time and of course that was a hit. We give them to him pretty sparingly because we want him to keep eating his veggies! He started getting puffs occasionally and he always knows what that yellow container means as soon as it comes out. And now he can sit in his highchair to eat instead of the bumbo every time!! And he really likes soup. Random, I know but when we had potato soup and beef stew this month he couldn’t get enough of either of them.

Jai now sits all by himself and it makes him seem so big. He is super close to crawling. I’m sure one of these days he is just going to take off. He can get up on his hands and knees just fine, move his knees too, but he can’t figure out the arms yet. Bubba also really loves standing up, holding our hands. He will take a few steps with us as we do that. His jumper is still one of the best purchases we could have made because he could jump all day if we let him. The other favorite toy is definitely the 3 foot tall giraffe my cousin gave us in the hospital. We call it big Riffe and anytime we ask “Where’s big Riffe?” he looks to it with the biggest smile on his face. He likes to give it kisses and pet its head. For Christmas, he got a walker that he loves to sit and play with now and as soon as he has better balance, I’m sure he’s going to just take off walking with it. He also got a puppy that does the ABC’s and songs and he thinks that’s the best thing ever. This month, Jai started taking his toys and hitting them against any surface that he can. He liked hearing them make loud noises. When he would bring his arm up, he would always hit the toy on his head too- silly kid.

The Saturday before Christmas, there was HUGE fluffy snowflakes happening so we had to go have Jai experience snow and take pictures of it. Well, he started to fall and before Logan caught up, his hand was in the snow and he wasn’t too thrilled about it. But it made cute pictures!! We went sledding with my family and he was so indifferent about it! Literally he showed no emotion!! So I couldn’t tell you if he liked it or not but it was fun to get him all bundled up in his snowsuit. Over the holidays, Jai spent a lot of time with all of his Fowler cousins and aunts and uncles. He loved watching the other kids run around. Maybe next year he will be running around too! It was especially sweet to see how much Kaden liked hanging out or playing with him. Jai thought he was super funny! And then his cousin Mason would burp and Jai would just laugh and laugh every time. Jai even stayed at Papa and Grammy Lu’s house with everyone all day while we went to shoot a wedding in Island Park!! He’s so loved. He showed zero interest in the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve and then on Christmas day he loved watching things come out of his stocking and presents unwrapped. While everyone was in town, we went to a place called Kids Town and Uncle Jared introduced him to sitting in a car and being pushed around. He was on that car for 30 minutes!!! I think one of those might be in our future. 

At the end of December we packed up his 3-6 months clothes and it made me sooo sad. It was like overnight most of the clothes didn’t really fit him anymore. Still in size 3 diapers and we might be in those for a long time at the rate he is growing now. No teeth yet, but we did think one was coming because he has gotten so drooly. Jai laughs so hard at daddy and all the funny faces he makes. He really likes playing peek a boo or where’s mama?! Every stage and phase is so fun with Jai, but so far this one has been my favorite. Plus, he made some of the best faces for pictures this month and I’m dying over them all!

When Jai realized the letters came off the board he wouldn’t stop going for them…

27 weeks

So I bought this outfit thinking it was just a little monster outfit and then Logan pointed out the bats and said it was a Halloween outfit.. Oops!! It’s still cute though!  28 weeks Night time reading with dad
29 weeks and these are some of my very favorite photos ever of him! My favorite!!  Oops!!  Christmas Eve PLANKING all day every day After church on Christmas Eve Christmas morning 30 weeks Look at those knee rolls! New clothes fit a little big, but so cute!!

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