Jai Terry | 9 months

It’s crazy to think that I was pregnant with Jai for as long as he has been a part of our lives and how much has changed in the last 9 months. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to be his mom- it is one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me. This was the month of movement and becoming way more mobile and it has kept us on our toes!

Each month gets to be more fun than the last with this little man and all of his personality. One of the funniest thing that happens time and time again is how often we are stopped when we are out as a family for people to tell us how much Jai looks like Logan. It happens ALL of the time. But I will say that more people who know us and aren’t total strangers have said that they can see more and more of me and that makes me happy to know that there’s at least a little bit of me in that cute little face!! The doctors appointment went SO well and we didn’t have to get any shots! Hallelujah! Jai weighed in at 19lbs 11 oz, taking him from the 10% in weight to the 52%!! This brought him back up to the right spot on the growth chart. Yay for formula helping him to grow!! He measured 28.5 inches long, putting him in the 58%. His snap up jammies are busting open now and so we are going to be packing up the 6-9 month size and putting him into 9-12 month clothes. Some of his other clothes still fit, so we will be transitioning those, but the jammies have to be switched. Size 3 diapers and fighting us so hard at diaper change time. He loves to get away from me and stand up naked for as long as he can.

We officially have a through the night sleeper again! There have only been a few times when he has woke up in the night and we have really been enjoying the sleep! And with that sleep, he has also figured out how to stand up in his crib and he thinks its the best thing to be doing when I come in to get him. He is so proud of himself for being able to stand up. Because he has been teething this month, he also bites at his crib. Every time I come in to get him, he’s standing up biting away. Bath time is always one of his favorite things and he tries to stop the water from draining. Jai will put his hand down to the drain and then uses his little boat to try and stop it. It’s so cute. After bath time, his hair is wild and it’s about time for a haircut to get rid of that mullet in the back!! His hair is going more blonde, but the back is getting curly like my dad’s hair. It goes flat after laying on it, but there is definitely curl!

This was a busy month for us with Valentines Day, my birthday, our 5th anniversary, and Logan’s birthday- Jai was able to be babysat by both sets of grandparents a couple times giving us a chance to go out on some dates to celebrate these different things and that was so much fun! Jai loves his grandparents. He did get a little cold and in turn, Logan and I both got it but ours wasn’t a cough cold like his, we had sinus colds and they were rough. For Valentines Day, I tried to be cute and dip Jai’s hand in red paint and make a little heart for Logan… well… that didn’t work at all. He just about lost his mind when we dipped it in the paint and just getting that one hand on the paper and then wiped off was enough for us and we ended with that. Logan still thought it was the cutest thing ever. I have always wanted to cover him in kisses and post a cute picture for Valentines Day and it went ok.. until it didn’t and he decided he was done with all the kisses and pictures. The kisses and the crying made for cute and hilarious pictures though!

On February 19th, Jai took off for the stairs and went up all of them all by himself on his first try. Needless to say, we literally climbed up the stairs for most of the day and the week for that matter. That same week, Jai started using his walker and he would get so excited about it. He tends to walk a little crooked or try to stand off to the side of it and push it, but he’s getting there. We love going to story time and singing songs at the library and his new favorite song is the little red wagon song. When I am shaking up his bottles, I always sing shake my sillies out and he knows that’s his bottle song and gets so excited. His current favorite book is The Little Blue Truck or Mustache Baby.

We met Logan for lunch at Chick-fil-A on March 1st, and that’s when we found Jai had officially cut his first tooth and the second one came 2 days later. I was actually really nervous for him to get teeth because I LOVED his big gummy smile, but I can’t even handle how cute these little teeth are!!! I’m dying over them. Jai is generally so happy and smiley for us. He still loves playing peek a boo and he thinks funny sounds are the best. His new favorite trick is falling backward when we hold onto his legs. And he loves talking to dad during lunch breaks. He always know when dad is calling and starts laughing when dad says hi. So much love for our little 9 month old!

This is literally the ONLY picture I could get of him looking at me on his back with the sign. He’s so fast!

So done with all the kisses what taking these pictures really looks like

phone pictures from the month
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