Bumpdate: 39 weeks

How far along?  39 weeks!!! Can someone please tell me where the past 9 months went? These were the fastest 9 months of my entire life.  Size of baby?  A small pumpkin! Little man has been so up and down with his size. At 28 weeks he was behind. At 30 weeks he was on track and then at 32 weeks, he went really far behind. At 36 weeks, we found out he finally caught up on the 4.5 weeks of growth he was behind. Weight gain?  27 pounds! Maternity clothes? It’s either maternity clothes or Logan’s clothes!! I have some shirts that I have worn my whole pregnancy that are just flowy and so those technically aren’t, but maternity clothes are the comfiest! I do steal clothes from Logan’s side of the closet though, especially his basketball shorts! Mine are just a little too tight now! Sleep? Sleep is hit and miss right now. Most nights I sleep hard, but there have been quite a few nights in the last couple weeks that I wake up with awful heartburn. Little man doesn’t keep me up with his moving. I think he is sort of sleeping when I do-  maybe! Cravings? I wouldn’t say I’ve had cravings lately, just normal amounts of hungry 🙂 I guess summer did just kick off so I always want a snowcone, but who doesn’t in the summer?!  Movement? Still loves to kick and punch at the same time so my belly makes all kind of weird shapes and Logan and I love it. We stay up at night just watching him move around. One night we were laughing so hard because he was SOO active and it was so crazy to watch. Logan and I also love Imagine Dragons and little man loves to listen to their new songs, specifically Believer. Every time we turn that one on, he gets dancing! Weird moment this week? Knowing that baby is coming ANYTIME! It’s all been getting super real. We were watching Hidden Figures this past week and there is part where they say, “Here are NASA we all pee the same color.” I could not stop laughing, but because of the bowling ball sitting on my belly, my laughing was more of a wheezing than anything and that made me laugh harder. It took a good 10 minutes to get the laughter under control! Best moment this week?  Date night with Logan on Friday night at Olive Garden was so fun and sweet. That’s all we did, but just going out with him and smiling across the table at my husband was exactly what I needed. We talked and laughed over all of dinner and we thought about what little man will be like. Can’t wait to have a little third wheel tag along to some of these date nights in the future! Looking forward too? Meeting little man. I’ve been walking every day, bouncing on a medicine ball, eating some spicy food, and walking some more, just trying to do my part to get him here, but he’s content for now 🙂 I also cannot wait for the moment when Logan sees his son for the first time. I know I should probably watch the baby, but that’s a moment I want to see so badly. He’s going to the best daddy and I can’t wait for them to meet each other!  Random thoughts? Logan and I talk all the time about the baby. He’s already the center of our lives and he’s not even here yet. Every time we get in the car to drive somewhere, we talk about him or how we are feeling about the approaching due date. One of my favorite conversations we have had recently was when we started talking about how we want our marriage to be even though little man will make us a family of 3. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we know we are determined to continue to strengthen and prioritize our marriage. Here’s to welcoming this baby boy into our lives soon!! We feel extremely grateful for the blessing we have had to be pregnant at this time. I know that the Lord’s hand has been in this entire pregnany from start to now. We’ve enjoyed such a sweet marriage and time together before baby and I wouldn’t trade the memories and moments we have had together for anything. And right now feels like the perfect time to begin this new chapter in our lives and I’m so excited to do that with Logan by my side.

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  1. Erin

    June 5th, 2017 at 9:18 am

    I cannot wait for you! This morning I was just thinking how he should be here anytime. So exciting!

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