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Impressions | The Ping Pong Challenge

Are you new to the impressions series? This is for our love story from the very beginning! Watch us fall in love and see us get to where we are now, happily married for 2.5 years!!

1. The Beginning 2. Meeting the Family and Strawberry Banana Milk 3. The First Kiss  4. Kidney Stones and Chocolate Shoes  5. Favorite Dates  6. The Boyfriend T-shirt   7.  Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I know there is the unspoken law of while you are dating, that you are supposed to be all kind and nice, let the other person win kind of thing. But that just didn’t really work for me. Growing up with all brothers, we were a competitive (lovingly, of course) family. After a double date with some friends, we headed over to my apartment commons room to play ping pong. It was the perfect game to add some incentive to win too. Logan was in complete agreement to my suggestion that the loser had to do something the winner decided on. But Logan added a new element to it, we had to pick what the loser would do before hand and write it down on a piece of paper without telling each other. As we tore a piece of paper into two, my mind was swirling with ideas. I stared at my paper blankly, for a few minutes, worried what I was going to write would be stupid. When Logan finished writing his quickly, my mind was racing to something fun I wanted to do. I finally settled on running through the sprinklers that turn on right before curfew and slow dance in the middle. I folded the paper up neatly and put it in my pocket. We smiled at each other, picked up our paddles, and started the game, with kind egging on about each other losing. Typically when we played Ping Pong, it goes back and forth with who is winning. Logan’s serves were killer, but I was quick. As the game was winding down, I was determined. I wanted to run through the sprinklers hand in hand, like we had done before, and because of that, I had to win. When that final game point rally happened, I was bouncing back and forth, focused on stopping him from winning. And then I lost. He set his paddle down and came over to quickly wrap me up into his arms to give me a quick kiss and tell me good game. Logan asked, “Want to know what you have to do now?” “Sure” (in my slightly defeated voice). As he pulled the paper out of his pocket and unfolded it, I had no idea what to expect. Thoughts telling him funny jokes, singing, dancing, wearing silly clothes into the grocery store all floated through my mind, until he said “Read the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites book series.” “Really?” “Ya! Look at the paper.” He wanted me to read a book? I love reading actually, but that’s what he wrote. It could have been anything… reading? Really? I accepted, and told him that I the next time I went home, I would grab the first book from my mom.

It wasn’t quite curfew yet, I reached over for his hand and led him outside. We took off on a walk, talking about real life- future plans, money, goals. Those kind of talks with him were always my favorite. I loved listening to him talk about those things because I pictured myself right there with him taking on those big goals and ideas. As we turned to head on back to my apartment, the sprinklers turned on. He pulled me by the hand, and started running…


And now, we still play the ping pong challenge. Since then, I have read this whole series twice! I love it!Impressions | The Ping Pong Challenge Michelle and LoganImpressions | The Ping Pong Challenge Michelle and Logan

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