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Impressions | The Golf Date

If you have missed these posts, or are new to Michelle & Logan, the impressions posts are where we have been sharing our story of through how we met, the dating phase, and the proposal story is coming soon! You won’t want to miss that. Here are the links if you are new to the series or missed any!

1. The Beginning 2. Meeting the Family and Strawberry Banana Milk 3. The First Kiss  4. Kidney Stones and Chocolate Shoes  5. Favorite Dates  6. The Boyfriend T-shirt   7.  Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder  8. The Ping Pong Challenge

One thing that I have always loved about Logan is his ability to make any date night fun, even it was just watching a movie or throwing parachute guys off stadium bleachers… Because of that, I knew that I really wanted to take Logan on a fun date that would be memorable. I tried to come up with things that he liked to do and things he would think would be fun. I knew I would impress him with my thoughtfulness 🙂 When I asked him on the date, I handed him a bright yellow Spongebob golfball and asked if he would be up for a game of golf and a date with me. When I got to his house, I handed him a new golf hat with a message from me inside of it “For my golfing boy. Thanks for all you do.” At Journey’s End golf course in Shelley, Logan learned I am a terrible golfer and we made the cutest golfing couple! On Hole 8 you have to drive over a pond- you can imagine how well this was going to go for me- and we made a bet that if I could make it over he owed me a black raspberry cheesecake from Olive Garden and if he made it over, I made him my homemade granola bars. Logan stepped up to swing and it smoothly went over. Here goes nothing as I stepped up, I swung with everything I had, and it hit the water… and BOUNCED out and onto the grass. It was a sheer luck, but I’ll take what I can get.

During high school, I worked at the local pizza place, Mr. Pizza. I wanted to share a little bit of my pizza making skills. What better way to do that then buy dough from Mr. Pizza, buy pizza sauce in a jar, and some cheese and pepperoni. When it had finished cooking, we took it outside to the treehouse to eat. So romantic… and childish. For dessert, I pulled out swedish fish, fruit roll ups, and rice krispies. When Logan saw all the ingredients and looked at me like I was crazy, I told him we were going to make dessert sushi because he loves sushi! We took turns wrapping it all up and snacking on them. It was really good, like surprisingly good! As we munched away on our sushi, we took out a new game of Jenga and started writing questions and dares on them. As we started playing, we had to each answer the question or complete the dare that we drew. We laughed as we cast a Harry Potter spell on my mom, learned what animal we would be, what’s on our bucket list, and so much more. As the night ended, we drove up the road to sit by the river dock and skip rocks. When the rocks were done, Logan turned up the music in the car and turned on Better Together by Jack Johnson and asked for a dance. As we danced, I couldn’t help but think to myself, I’m falling in love with him and there is nothing I can do about it. And I was sure he felt it too, but as the song ended and he pulled me in close, all he said was thanks for the date before he kissed me. There was no talk of I love you, and I thought my heart was going to burst because I wanted to tell him… Tell that I loved who he was helping me become. Tell him that I loved every second I spent with him. And tell him that I loved him

Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0003Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0001Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0005Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0004Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0006Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0007Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0002Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0008Michelle & Logan Impressions | the golf date_0009

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